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In 2008 we've had more than 10,000 song submissions to the Los Angeles Music Awards and for the second consecutive year we have a Reverend Zen song among our nominees. We're proud to name the band's "Her Love" a 2008 Best Song Nominee in our Adult Alternative Artist Category. It's nice to hear such an original voice and melody lines from an artist. "Her Love" is very good stuff."
Al Bowman - Founder & Producer; The Los Angeles Music Awards; LA Music (L.A.)

"Over the past two years Reverend Zen has consistently been one of the most requested artists on our station. We congratulate the band on all their success."
Mark Maverick - Program Director; Indie 104 - I Radio LA, New Music Weekly's Internet Station of the Year 2006-2008; (L.A.)

REVEREND ZEN's songs "Dangerous Times", "Don't Try To Tell Me", "The Boston Shakedown" and "Bad Attitude" have all received Best Song Nominations in the Adult Contemporary Artist and Blues Artist category of the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards. As a result we're proud to name Reverend Zen our 2007 Blues Artist of the Year.
Jim DeCicco - President; Los Angeles Music Awards (L.A.)

Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon by REVEREND ZEN is simply a very good record and should impact triple a radio. "The Boston Shakedown", "Magdalena" and the band's ballad "Don't Try To Tell Me" are tracks to watch.
John Schoenberger - Billboard's Radio & Records (L.A.)

Great song writing, lyrics and arrangements by REVEREND ZEN.
Paul Olund -'s Independent Study / Artists You Need To Know (N.Y.C.)

Production values abound on this album by REVEREND ZEN, led by producer / composer Jack Evans. The album is one of the year's most interesting and it's overall excellence demands repeated listening. Their song "Dangerous Times" was named Finalist in the prestigious VH1 Song of the Year Contest. My favorite however is "The Boston Shakedown", which received a Best Performance nod from L.A.'s highly regarded Unisong International Contest. Other highlights include "My Sigmund Freud" and "Boy Genius". If you want adventurous, original rock/jazz/R&B check out this album. Musicians include Jack Evans - lead vocals, keyboards, drums, Rob Aries and co writer James Gerard - keyboards, guitarists Chris Carter, Nick Moroch, Gil Parris and Chris Vitarello, bassists Kjell Benner and Kip Sophos, drummer Rudy Feinauer, with background vocals by Margaret Dorn, Sheryl Marshall, Vaneese Thomas and Soozie Tyrell.
Richard Ludmerer - Director; The New York Blues & Jazz Society (N.Y.C.)

You've gone and rocked our station totally and put big smiles on our faces with "The Boston Shakedown". REVEREND ZEN sounds like a killer band that's tight, full of energy and swing, highly accomplished and credible. A very good band and a performance that rocks. "The Boston Shakedown" is an excellent song with a great vibe. In all the time we've been airing Fame Games very few bands come close to this one on technical merit with "The Boston Shakedown" and "Dangerous Times". Great musicianship and musical taste. It's a pleasure to listen to this music. This band is one of our all time favorites. Here's an extremely credible band whose professionalism and class are easily apparent from the very first moment. It's musicians like these that deserve all the success.
Paul Sedowski - CEO Mere Music /;; Onda Cero Radio; 94.6FM, 101.6FM (Malaga, Spain)

ASCAP honors Jack Evans of REVEREND ZEN with a 2007 ASCAP Plus Award for four Best Song Nominations and as Artist of the Year in the 2007 Los Angeles Awards, two Finalist Awards in the 2007 Unisong International Song Contest and for 5 Runner Up Awards and Finalist Award in 2006 VH1 Song of the Year Contest, for his songs "Dangerous Times", "Bad Attitude", "Don't Try To Tell Me", "Magdalena" and "The Boston Shakedown". All of the songs are from Reverend Zen's debut album Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon.
Eric Fillbrook - ASCAP's Playback Magazine / Stepping Out (N.Y.C.)

Actually, I don't think there's one duff track on this whole album. Rest assured we'll be playing REVEREND ZEN for a very long time. Bill Everatt - Music Director; Celtica Radio Ltd. / (Bridgend, U.K.)

It's clear from the very first song on REVEREND ZEN's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon that front man Jack Evans and his compatriots are talented musicians.
Dan Kimpel - The Music Connection (L.A.)

I have to tell you REVEREND ZEN's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon blows me away. From the first few chords of "Magdalena" to "My Sigmund Freud" to "The One In Love" and everything in between. This is an amazing album with some incredible musicians to boot.
Eric Cohen - Music Director; WAER 88.3FM (Syracuse, N.Y.)

"The Boston Shakedown" has got to be one of my favorite songs of the year. It's been getting rave reviews from our listeners. We're proud to name Reverend Zen our 2007 Artist of the Year. Great, great music.
John O'Day - Music Director; WCH Radio; (St. Louis)

REVEREND ZEN takes the listener into states of introspection and roguish twists and turns behind melodies and vocals that have the power to make you remember both the songs and their performances. Their instrumentation and arrangements give them a unique and colorful sound with standout guitar that's perfectly executed. This music is right on target with emotion, tremendous flow, excellent style and first rate production. Above all it's straight from the heart.
Finalist - VH1 Song of the Year Contest; Staff (Houston)

REVEREND ZEN's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon is full of great, varied, serious messages in colorful, creative lyrics. It's listen anywhere, anytime music. A lovely, wonderful album full of fabulous tracks. We're very happy to include them on MVY's "Fresh Produce 4" compilation cd.
Alison Hammond - DJ & Host of The Local Music Caf‚;, 92.7FM (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod; 96.5FM Newport, R.I.)

"We're proud to honor Jack Evans and Reverend Zen with our 2008 Golden Wave Artist of the Year Award representing achievement and excellence in music. With all their accomplishments Reverend Zen more than lives up to that billing. In addition to being our artist of the year, the band's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon ranks as one of the best indie albums of the decade. Simply put, Reverend Zen rocks our world."
Carmen Allgood - Host; The Colorado Wave; (Denver, Co.)

These songs prove to be infectious. According to REVEREND ZEN's publicist this is "music for the thinking man's head" and I might add a dancer's feet. An apt description for songs that deal with subjects like love, Freud, and child prodigies, and whose musicians have played with Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Donald Fagen, Shawn Colvin, Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox, Dr. John, Sheryll Crow, B.B. King, Michael McDonald and NYC's Uptown Horns Revue. REVEREND ZEN is the kind of band who develops a huge following who know all the rather arch lyrics of every song and dance at every gig. In a style that's reminiscent of Steely Dan all of the songs benefit from great bass lines, solid drumming, tight harmonies and background vocals that actually bolster the leads. Singer Jack Evans' voice has the rough edges of a blues singer who's also checked out Joni Mitchell and he has the wisdom to stay within it's limitations. Particularly strong is "Magdalena", the story of an encounter with an angel. It's all a great blend of instrumental and vocal with sweeping keyboards, dead on guitar and a great back beat.
Elizabeth Hilts - Fairfield County Weekly (Stamford, Conn.)

REVEREND ZEN's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon is full of excellent songs. This album is stunning.
Paul Bondavarski - Music Director; Midnight Special Blues Radio, / Live 365 (Paris, France)

If you like Steely Dan and Jeff Beck you'll love REVEREND ZEN's "Dangerous Times" with it's great resolving chord patterns and tasty guitar hooks, provided by NYC R&B great Chris Carter. "The Boston Shakedown" features more inventive song writing and arranging by vocalist/leader Jack Evans and his co writer James Gerard. Guitarist Nick Moroch, a veteran of David Sanborn's group, delivers the exceptional solo here. These are two strong performances from the entire band.
Paul Carosi - Artist Launch / Radio Free Times (Detroit / Pittsburgh)

We believe in what REVEREND ZEN and their music is all about. We thank them for being a part of our station and being there with their unique sound and writing. Good to have you on board REVEREND ZEN.
Joyce Marie Morrin - Promotions Director / WRRW 100.7 FM; (Williamsburg, Va.)

REVEREND ZEN's "The Boston Shakedown" swings right out of the gate and let's us know these guys can play. Who wouldn't be drawn in by the song's opening line. These lyrics almost peel the wallpaper with the steam they create. Jack Evans' vocal is just right just to pass on the passion of this tale. Nick Moroch's guitar solo is in the pocket, inventive and exquisite for this style of song and played by nothing less than an A list quality musician. The background vocals by Margaret Dorn and Vaneese Thomas are well arranged, well executed and make this sound like a hit. Everything on this song is tight. Good writing and a great, smokin' performance.
Finalist - Unisong International Song Contest; Staff (L.A.)

"Dangerous Times" brings to mind the realities of modern city life. The song's imagery will stay with listeners, especially those who live and witness these truths. REVEREND ZEN blends old and new to tell a relevant story.
Jason Levitt - Quick Launch / Flight Safe (L.A.)

REVEREND ZEN takes a big dose of rock and mix into it jazz, r&b and even funk to achieve their own signature sound. The band's bio states this release was ten year's in the making and it was time well spent. The ten tracks found on this cd are layered and peppered with extras that move the songs a step above what you normally hear from a band. At the heart and soul of REVEREND ZEN is Jack Evans, who among other things wears the hat of the band's lead vocalist. His vocals are rich and have a been there done that wisdom to them, as the release's songs deal with the emotions of love and human nature in general. This is a very strong effort from a group of quality musicians. It's filled with music that will stand up well to the test of time.
C.W. Ross - Indie Music Stop (Philadelphia / Pittsburgh)

I love REVEREND ZEN's music. We're happy to include "Dangerous Times" on our Songwriters & Storytellers Compilation III cd. Phil Peretz - President; iMuzic / Indie Artist's Alliance (San Francisco)

From the love found pomp of the opening song "Magdalena", to the social relevance of "Dangerous Times" and on to straight forward rockers like "Bad Attitude", "The Boston Shakedown", "My Sigmund Freud" and "Boy Genius", REVEREND ZEN successfully flex their musical muscle before finishing with the darkly beatific ballads "Don't Try To Tell Me", "Her Love", "Only A Fool" and "The One In Love". The New York area band has Jack Evans on lead vocals / percussion, James Gerard on keyboards, with guitarists Chris Carter (Solomon Burke & Joan Osborne) and Gil Parris (David Sanborn & Dr. John), Philly session bassist Kjell Benner, drummer Rudy Feinauer (George Russell & Syndicate of Soul) with back ground vocals by Sheryl Marshall (John Medeski & NYC's Uptown Horns Revue) and Soozie Tyrell (Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello & Shawn Colvin).
Sean Coulter- Aquarian Weekly / East Coast Rocker (N.J. / N.Y.)

Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon is full of very classy material by REVEREND ZEN.
Mark Kerr - Host; Mark Kerr's Blues Nation Show / / BluesNation.htm (Greenwood, La.)

This thoroughly enjoyable release from NY's REVEREND ZEN will appeal to those who enjoy the musicianship and cleverness of Steely Dan and the straight ahead listen ability of Sting or AC favorite Bruce Hornsby. Successfully blending strong song with obviously accomplished musicianship, band leader Jack Evans and co writer James Gerard create a sound that the everyday pop listener will enjoy , but will also turn the heads and ears of more uppity musician types. Radio programmers will drool over the laid - back opener "Magdalena", the simplest song on the release which really isn't all that simple. It's hybrid chord structures are reminiscent of Todd Rundgren's and the very strong hook chorus could be put on the Rundgren level. "Boy Genius" is a sleek - funk shuffle that also sports a strong hook and shows the band has an edge. The final tune "The One In Love" fuses Sting and Steely Dan. It's the most r&b tune here and also one of the most complex. On all of the songs lead vocalist Evans' soulful tenor is part r&b and part AC veteran Marc Cohen. All in all REVEREND ZEN is a AAA/AC record label's dream with lots of possibilities in the crossover and marketing areas, not to mention some great music.
Rich Lepescu - Nebula Music Magazine (Montclair, N.J.)

"The Boston Shakedown" by REVEREND ZEN is a strong, fun song. Very Steely Dan-esque. Very nice writing.
Siobhan Quinn - Director; Mid Atlantic Song Contest / SAW (Washington, D.C.)

REVEREND ZEN's blues & jazz influences are apparent in every track on Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon. Without exaggeration, Jack Evans and his co writer James Gerard have a gift for song writing.
D.K. King - Editor; Cross Harp Chronicles / (Jackson, Mi.)

Combining the people pleasing qualities of the 70's Doobie Brothers with the New York wit of Brooklyn's Five Chinese Brothers of the 90's, REVEREND ZEN has a glossy product that's ready to ship. These songs are blues/ funk/pop with standout guitar and female background vocals providing the winning personality. It's good to see triple a music learning from mistakes of the past.
Mark Klein - Soundviews Magazine (N.Y.C.)

One of my favorite releases of the year is Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon by REVEREND ZEN.
Jim Beal - San Antonio Express News (San Antonio, Tx.)

A smart, classy debut album, that's a mature sounding mix of pop and blues melodies. REVEREND ZEN's songs will make you sit up and listen carefully, as well as allow you to chill with an iced tea on a Sunday afternoon.
Alan Mann - Host; Upbeat Caf‚ / (Georgetown, Ky.)

It's a joy to have the excellent music of Reverend Zen to feature on our show. The album from start to finish is what our audience wants to hear. Reverend Zen will be a permanent addition to our line up.
Don Lewis - Host/Producer; The Big Break Show, (Charleston, S.C.)

Reverend Zen's sound lays dead center between the East Coast and LA West Coast swing at it's best. The band's songs are full of hip ideas and stories. Leader Jack Evans, the brainchild behind Reverend Zen, is an iconoclast who's created an interesting blend of edgy and at times punk rock lyrics, over the smooth, cool sound of Steely Dan. Jack Evans and Reverend Zen create songs that play on your heart and mind. Give their debut cd Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon a listen.
Seoul Reviews - (Seoul, South Korea)

REVEREND ZEN's Angels, Blues & the Crying Moon has received our Bronze Artist Award - Independent Album of the Year / Best Cover Art / Top Ten Releases 2006
Tim Daymond - CEO; Radio Gets Wild /AM/FM/Live 365/XM/Sirius Satellite Radio/ (Norfolk, UK)